buzz for the day!

Some Times We Need A Reminder!  

Laughter and Love go hand in hand!

Hello friends, the notary buzz for today is "how to be prepared for your notarization." Be sure to read ALL steps before your next notarization appointment.   

1. Know what type of notarization you need.  As the signer, you MUST tell the notary what type of notarization you need.  For example will it be a Jurat, Acknowledgement, Oath/Affirmation or copy certification.  Do a simple google search to learn more on each one.  

2. Make sure the document is complete but not signed.  You MUST sign the document in front of the Notary,  

3. Make sure to bring acceptable identification. Most used is a valid government issued ID.  Without the proper ID the notarization can not continue.

4. Ensure the Name on Your ID matches the name on your document.

5. Have ALL signers present for the notarization.  All signers must have his or her valid ID as well.  

6. Signer must be aware of what they are signing and willing to sign.  Your Notary have to know you are completing your notarization at your own free will and you are in a sound mind.

So friends there you have it!  If you want your notarization to be perfect, follow these 6 steps.    

Thank you for reading the notary buzz of the day and  until next time, have a buzzing day!